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LLC Resonant Inverter for Solar PV Applications

In this paper, a high-efficiency solar array simulator (SAS) implemented by an LLC resonant dc–dc converter is proposed to save the cost and energy of photovoltaic (PV) system testing. The proposed converter has zero-voltage switching (ZVS) operation of the primary switches and zero-current switching (ZCS) operation of the rectifier diodes. The output impedance of LLC resonant converter can be regulated from zero to infinite value by frequency modulation control and without shunt or serial resistors. Therefore, the efficiency of the proposed SAS can be significantly increased. The circuit operations are analyzed in detail to derive the theoretical equations. Circuit parameters are designed based on the practical considerations. Finally, an illustrative example is implemented to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed SAS. Keywords—LLC resonant dc–dc converter, photovoltaic (PV)system, solar array simulator (SAS)