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Pedestrian Re-Identification Using Color Feature In Multi Surveillance Video

In this paper we present a system to solve the problem of moving pedestrian re-identification in surveillance video. Surveillance video has low-resolution, high video noise and limited monitoring scope. Our proposed framework must deal with several problems such as variations of illumination conditions, poses and occlusions. How to extract the robust feature that can adapt the problems have been the task. The people of global color approaches do not change in the process of monitoring. Our paper use the color histogram as feature descriptors and choose RGB HSV and UVW for color space. Traditional histogram method extract the global color approach as the feature. The object color structure information will be neglected. We use the SPM model supplement the structure information for the histogram. The results of a test from a real surveillance system show that our method can provide a probability of matching. Keywords— Pedestrian Re-identification, UWV Color space, Color Histogram, SPM.