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Lightweight Directory Access Protocol For Replication Of Directory Server Data

Directory Server is a powerful and authoritative enterprise directory infrastructure that is a critical enabler for enterprise security. The most popular and mostly used protocol for handling directory data is Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or we can called the alternative to Directory Access Protocol (DAP) protocol is LDAP. LDAP is the Internet protocol which is used to access directory servers data. It provides robust and advanced LDAP services using TCP/IP, and the directory is based on a client/server model that can be exploited from any LDAP-compliant client applications or middleware. Directory data can be stored in DB2 tables for a highly scalable implementation. Directory data replication is a key factor to achieve reliability, scalability, availability and fault tolerance in database as it maintains several clones of data objects. Each of the replica carrying out similar changes automatically if any change made in data. Keywords- Directory, X.500, LDAP, LDAP schemas, LDAP Functional Model, Replication of Directory Data