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Auto Generation Of DFA With Starting And Ending Constraints

Theory of Computation is a mathematical based subject. We observed that many computer science learnersface difficulty in designing Deterministic Finite Automat (DFA) in Theory of Computation. It is always being an issue for the learners to understand the examples because, if an example has been changed then the step are also changes. JFLAP (Java Formal Languages and Automata Package) is a software tool used for designing finite automata, pushdown automata, and Turing machines. We can design any kind of DFA in JFLAP by manually. Drawing a DFA manually is a time consuming process and it also cannot handle the validations for acceptance or rejection of strings. It does not represent the transition table and definition of DFA, which is helpful for understanding the design of DFA. In this paper we are implementing the DFA, which include design of transition graph, transition table and definition of DFA using tuples. We have constructed a DFA with different conditions for starting and ending of string. Keywords— DFA, Transition Table, Transition Graph (TG), Input Symbol, Minimum String.