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Comparison Of SQL, NOSQL And New SQL Databases In Light Of Internet Of Things – A Survey

In this era of technological advancement the recent growth in the IT enabled industry has increased the amount of “Big Data” namely unpredictable amount of data as well as with the arrival of Internet-of-Things, the IoT is expected to generate huge amount of data from varied locations that is collected very quickly. Hence, with features like scalability, consistency and performance factors are coercing the traditional database users into adopting the NoSQL database management system. This new storing database technology is asserted to perform better than the classic SQL counterpart. NoSQL DBMSs although highly scalable compromises on ACID properties for its high performance. To overcome this integral deficiency a modern alternative class of database management system has emerged called the NewSQL. NewSQL extends the scalable performance of NoSQL system at the same time retaining the SQL and ACID behavior of the traditional database system. In this paper the challenges in the said technology which both NoSQL and NewSQL have and have to overcome are discussed. Various open source SQL, NoSQL and NewSQL databases are studied such as MySOL, MongoDB, Cassandra and VoltDB which further contains data models, characteristics and comparisons. Keywords- SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL, Document Stores, Column Family, ACID, Big Data, Internet of Things.