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An Innovative Idea For Spam Zombie Detection And Blocking Mechnism

We know that today’s world is Internet world. But there are many security related threats like spamming, identity theft, DDoS attack, malware attack. Spam Zombies are emerging threats. Spam Zombies are used by attackers to takes control on machines, steel personal information of users and commit malicious activities. We focus on the detection of the spam zombies in a network. We develop an innovative idea for spam zombie detection and blocking with the efficient grey filtering technique which is online detection techniques. Some spam messages are not spam i.e. newsletters. So there is need to identify which are good spam and bad spam. SPOT filter will decide the incoming messages are spam messages or valid messages. But it will not show that messages are good spam or bad spam. This project combines spot filter with Grey filter detection technique. This system also gives best result in environment of dynamic IP addresses. Keywords— Bot, Botnet, Compromised Machine, DDoS Attack, Filtering, Spam Zombie .