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Preventing Malware Self-Protecting Technology In Banking

As its name suggests, malware is software that can harm computers. one can easily deploy malware on any computer system and network. because of its stealthy behaviour, it is very hard to find traces of malware [13] [14]. the most successful and famous malware is zeus, which is banking malware. it detects the banking information that victims entered and then steals passwords and other pertinent log in information. most malware can hide its code, abnormalities and signatures, preventing its detection. this is usually done by hackers who implements malware self-protecting technologies to prevent detection by any anti-malware programs in the system. that is why the study and analysis of banking malware are becoming crucial and complex [3]. robust solutions are required to prevent such destructive scenarios and the malicious activity of malware. these solutions aim for the better threat prevention and incident- response situations. therefore, this paper will discuss various approaches considered by investigators, which fulfil current industry requirements [14] [3]. Keywords- Entropy, Executions, Malware , Unpacking