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Innovative Approach For Physically Challenged People

This system is an implementation of wireless navigation system, which is a demonstration of a wheelchair which works on the inputs such as gesture and voice commands via an android phone and navigates according to command by wirelessly. It can be used by a physically challenged or aged person, they can move anywhere without any difficulty. The elders and the physically challenged people find it hard to move the wheelchair without help of other person. By making use of this system, the physically challenged person can move to different locations in the particular house or at outside of home may be on road, at park, just by pronouncing the direction name or by making the movement of the android phone they will be provided with. Our system is also equipped with obstacle detection and avoidance technique, where the person may not be able to provide proper command at the right time. A security threat message can be sent through the mobile phone to predefined number, if the user feels to be found in danger. Keywords— Wheel-chair, Android application, Wi-Fi network, Disability, Physically Challenged.