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Image Forgery Detection On Cut-Paste And Copy-Move Forgeries

Now-a-days, it is possible to manipulate an image by removing or adding important features from it without leaving any clue of editing the original image. One can use advanced tools to digitally manipulate images to create non- existing situations which leads to discarding the originality of images. These modifications are not visible to the naked eye. Cut-paste and Copy-move forgeries are common image manipulations. In cut-paste forgery, a portion of another image is cut and pasted on another image. Whereas in copy-move, part/portion of the same image is copied and moved onto the same image. As devices like cameras are getting more and more digitized, there is an increase in the need for digital image authentication, validation and forgery detection. To detect cut-paste forgery, we use histogram equalization detection technique. It Detects whether the image’s contrast has been enhanced or not. For copy-move detection, up till the useful techniques was block matching technique and key point based forgery detection method. These techniques are integrated along with adaptive over segmentation algorithm. The adaptive over segmentation algorithm divides the image into non- irregular blocks adaptively. Forgery regions are then detected using the forgery region extraction algorithm. Finally merged regions are detected by applying morphological operations. Keywords— Copy-Move, Cut-Paste, Histogram Equalization, Adaptive Over-Segmentation, Block Matching, Forgery Region Extraction