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Software Project Scheduler Using Ant Colony Optimization And Event-Based Scheduler

In software engineering, planning software projects is important and tough assignment. Apart from other field’s projects, software projects are people intensive and they mainly require human resources. Thus decent model for software project planning must consider problem of project task scheduling as well as human resource allotment. But both of these two problems are crucial, and existing model has to suffer from very enormous search space and have to curb the flexibility of human resource allotment to facilitate the model. Thus we build an innovative approach with an Event Based Scheduler(EBS) and an Ant Colony Optimization(ACO) algorithm to develop a flexible and decent model for software project planning. This approach serves a plan by task list and a plan employee allocation matrix. In this manner the issue of task scheduling and employee allocation both can be considered. In the EBS, initiation time of project, the time when resources are released from finished task and the time when employee join or leaves the project are view as event. The key concept of EBS is to adjust the allocation of employee at events and retain the allocation untouched at non-events. With this scheme, the proposed method enables modelling of resource strife, task pre-emption and conserves the flexibility in human resource allotment. To fix the planning issue, an ACO algorithm is designed Keywords— Software project planning, Project scheduling, Resource allocation, Ant Colony Optimization(ACO), Event Based Scheduler (EBS).