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An Intelligent Approach To Resource Procurement In Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an increasingly popular platform to offer services over the Internet. The increasing number of cloud vendors and the variety of service offerings has made it difficult for the customers to choose the appropriate services. Fixed Pricing Strategy benefits vendor not the user. It is a complex and challenging task for user to analyse all cloud vendors manually and select appropriate of them. Three possible mechanisms are suggested for cloud resource procurement: Cloud-Dominant Strategy Incentive Compatible (C-DSIC), Cloud-Bayesian Incentive Compatible (C-BIC), and Cloud Optimal (C-OPT). C-DSIC is dominant strategy incentive compatible and is a low-bid auction. C-BIC is Bayesian incentive compatible, which achieves budget balance. C-BIC does not satisfy individual rationality. In C-DSIC and C-BIC, the cloud vendor who charges the lowest cost per unit QoS is declared the winner. In C-OPT, the cloud vendor with the least virtual cost is declared the Winner. C-OPT overcome the limitations of both C-DSIC and C-BIC. C-OPT is not only Bayesian incentive compatible, but also individually rational. This paper presents a cloud procurement approach which automates the selection of an appropriate Cloud services provider by using SAW (Simple Additive Weight).Comparison of Quality of Services is done in SAW. Since financial modules for resource procurement focus more on finance, but this system focuses more on free cloud and Quality of Service. This system also ensures rating and data consistency in case of multitude cloud services provider. Keywords— Cloud Computing, Cloud Vendor, Cloud Procurement, Quality of Service, Data Migration, Reviews.