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Energy Control Center (ECC) For DERS Using Multi-Agent System By Soft Computing Technique

The demand for electrical energy is ever increasing. Today over 21% of the total electrical energy generated in India is lost in transmission (4%–6%) and distribution (15%–18%). It is possible to bring down the distribution losses with the help of newer technologies in the electrical power sector, which will enable better monitoring and control. Distribution losses can be reduced, if the Distributed Energy Resources is connected near the load end. implementation of a multi-agent system that provides In the literature the smooth operation of a power system that requires a control architecture that consists of hardware and software protocols for exchanging system status and control signals.. Multi-agent system offers various advantages over the SCADA system by the implementation of an intelligent grid. The DER model is created in client and ECC is created in server The wind power generator connected with local load, the solar power connected with local load and the ECC controlled by fuzzy logic controller (FLC) are simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK. Index Terms—Distributed Energy Resources (DER) And Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), Distributed Generators (Dgs), Energy Control Center (ECC), Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC).