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Path Planning Strategy And Detection Of Intruder In Vanet Using Real Time Transportation System

In this paper, we suggest a real-time path-planning algorithm, to improve the overall spatial consumption of a path network but reduces average vehicle travel cost for avoiding collision of vehicles in congested traffic. Real-time path planning can adroitly lessen traffic jamming in metropolitan cities. However, how to design a well-organized path-planning algorithm to achieve a worldwide best vehicle traffic control still remains a difficult problem. The Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network applications work on the principle of periodic exchange of messages between each vehicle. However, a malicious vehicle can disseminate false traffic information in order to force other vehicles or user’s to take incorrect decisions by creating multiple virtual identities using different forged positions. Both the network spatial utilization and vehicle travel cost are considered to optimally balance the overall network smoothness and the driver’s preferences. More importantly, Road Side Unit’s (RSU) in VANETs can greatly enhance the timeliness of data collection and dissemination, which makes it possible to perform coordinated path planning for a group of vehicles. The traffic signal controller reduces the waiting time of the vehicles from RSU. In the modification process, it detects the position of forging attacks occurring on VANET thereby providing security to passengers. We randomly change secret key of each vehicles while entering from one network to the other network. The vehicle traffic server assigns a master key for the emergency vehicle as it gives high priority to in the network-to-network movement based on checking the master key. Keywords— VANET, node, Road side Unit, Network head, Master Key.