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Potent Statistics Distribution With Multi-User Modification In Public Integrity Auditing

The rapid development of cloud storage services makes it easier than ever for cloud users to share data with each other. Initially only the data owner who can modify the data holds secret keys and all other users who share data with the data owner only had permission read. If these solutions are extended to support multiple writers with data integrity assurance, the data owner had to stay online, collecting modified data from other users and regenerating authentication tags for them. Obviously, this kind of trivial extension will introduce a tremendous workload. When we want update or make changes to a file stored in cloud storage, the file has to be downloaded first and then necessary changes had to be made to the file and it has to be uploaded with the same file id. This process of downloading the file and then uploading consumes a lot of time and this problem has to be overcome. Keywords— Ring based Homomorphic architecture, Third party auditor(TPA).