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Event Driven Tracking Of Changes In Database At API Level

If the rising demand of real time data by modern applications is considered, the traditional techniques of keeping applications in sync with data in database server appears insufficient. Normally in client-server architecture, client needs to check the server frequently for data change. This approach is inefficient and non-reliable as the data may get change at any time irrespective of the time at which client check the server for changed data. As this task needs to be performed frequently it consumes system resources causing performance issues. Recently, some DBMS vendors are introducing APIs to cope with this issue. Each of the vendors follows different approach. Similarly, in this paper we are looking into Event driven approach of tracking data change. This is another such efficient approach of data change tracking. To implement this approach existing DBMS needs to be added with modules written in native language and client side application also needs to be added with API to register query for data change tracking. In addition we tried to focus solution for performance issues with the previously introduced approaches by different vendors. This approach will help applications which are using DBMS which lack data change tracking functionality to fulfill real time data need. Keywords— API, Client-Server Architecture, Database, Data Change Event Driven Architecture, Notification, Real time, TCP.