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An Expansible Approach to Maintain and Intensify Security in Cloud

In the present scenario cloud computing is emerging very rapidly. Number of users stores their data on Cloud and also uses the resources available on cloud on the basis of “pay per use” pattern. So, Security is an important factor in cloud computing to guarantee that client’s data is stored in a secure manner in the cloud. Data must not be stolen by the third party so authentication of client becomes an important task. Number of plans utilizing quality based encryption (ABE) have been put forward for access control of outsourced information in distributed computing; in any case, a large portion of them experience the ill effects of resoluteness in actualizing complex access control strategies. In this paper, we analyze the number of existing techniques available for security purpose on the basis of different parameters and factors like optimized resource, scalability, performance utilization. Also we will try to overcome the problems which we sorted in previous techniques and trying generate the new technique An Expansible approach which will be more efficient and effective. Keywords— Cloud Computing, Data Storage, Security.