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KLE Studio Apps

In student life, attending college regularly and on time has a positive impact on learning and academic progress. Student should be aware of timing of classes and his/her attendance to ensure his/her punctuality level and Staff should also be given a convenient way to update attendance and marks .So BVBCET institute provided Student and Staff with web portal to perform the above mentioned task. However web portal did not prove itself a better solution because of its disadvantage like non-availability of information outside intranet zone. So we came up with a“KLEStudio” Android application in which information is accessible even outside the college. It allows Student to view course details, schedule of the day, attendance,CIE, exam details, final exam result and profile. For staff it provides all the options mentioned before and additionally allows them to mark attendance and update CIE.We built this application using technologies like HTML5, CSS3,JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, andAJAX. We concentrated on User Experience and User Interface, this app proved to be more useful than web portal. The familiarity of android Application, support from college and company made this app more successful. This application is launched in BVBCET and currently used by student and staff of BVBCET. Keywords— Mobile Application, UX, KLEStudio, UI