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Network Function Virtualization And Network Performance Monitoring Using Cloud Computing: Major Challenge Towards Network Programmability And Management

The various technologies like Network Function Virtualization,Software Defined Networking and Fog Computing are combined in order contribute to transform the network into a flexible and dynamical continuum of resources, on which services can be easily deployed and managed (network programmability).In this scenario, a major topic is the use of NFVO, in particular to provide the network with general purpose High Performance Computing capabilities, whose application has been so far limited to few highly specialized contexts, such as graphics or scientific computing. However, the use of h/w acceleration is generally considered in contrast with the main NFV concepts, and a major obstacle towards network programmability. This paper argues that, on the contrary, h/w acceleration and virtualization technologies are fully compatible, and together can greatly enhance the network infrastructure. In particular, the use of Graphic Computing Units in Virtual Network Functions is analysed, and their flexible management is considered, within the innovative NFV architecture designed by the NFVO. Keywords— NFVO, Network Function Virtualization, Graphical Processing Unit, Network Programmability.