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Sorting Data By Key And Multithread Fetching Operation Over The Large Data Set Stored In Cloud Database

The rise of information technology has led to generation of huge amount of data which indeed has increased the complexity of sorting and fetching the data from large data sets. In this regard this project intends to manipulate big data using multithreaded fetching operation and sorting preprocessed data using the key. Sorting is a process wherein, an unordered preprocessed data is brought in order thereby reducing the complexity of fetching the highly varied data in the large data sets. Though sorting leads to an extra overhead, it relieves the problem of redundancy and structures the Big Data to a greater extent. Instead of fetching the data one by one from the SalesForce database multiple concurrent threads are used to fetch data. is a comprehensive database service provider, which inhibits features necessary for data security, which is of major concern especially in the cloud environment. Database instances using SalesForce MYSQL, Oracle, SQL server and postgreSQL engines can be provisioned with general purpose (SSD). Due to availability of advanced hardware and software systems, multithreading is an effective option which exploits the resources efficiently. Multithreaded operations helps in reducing the time required to fetch data and also it reduces the cost incurred in running sequential operations. Keywords – Sorting key,, multithread, concurrency, ordered data.