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Efficient Provable Multicopy Dynamic Data Possession Method Over Cloud Servers

The many organizations are adopting to use outsourcing data to remote cloud service providers (CSP).The CSPs storage infrastructure can be rented by customers to store and get back unlimited amount of data by paying fees per gigabyte/month. To achieve higher level of scalability, availability the data must be replicate on multiple servers among multiple data centers. If the more copies the CSP is asked to store, the more fees the clients are charged. It is very important to the clients to have strong evidence that they actually get the service they pay for, and all these copies are reliable with the most recent modifications done by the clients. Efficient provable multicopy dynamic data possession (EPMDDP) method being proposed in this paper and includes following features; It provides an proofs to the clients that the CSP not cheat by storing fewer copies, It supports outsourcing of dynamic data, i.e., file level functions such as file alteration, addition, deletion, and append, and finally It allows only authorized users to access the file copies stored by the CSP. Keywords— Cloud Computing, data duplication, cloud service provider (CSP), data replication, dynamic environment, outsourcing data storage.