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Code Offloading To Optimize The Performance In Mobile Cloud

The Mobile Cloud Storage system is a service model in which data are managed, maintained and endorsement remotely on the cloud side and keeps data available to the users over a network. It provides a massive and opportunely storing for data. To stored data on storage servers is encrypted form to reduce the seclusion and security risk. Mobile devices having encryption and decryption are overhead because it’s very small low power computation and retrieval process incurs a complicated communication between user and cloud. Traffic and Energy saving Efficiency Search off-load the computation from mobile devices to the cloud and this architecture optimizes the communication in client and cloud. Data seclusion does not degrade when performing enhancement methods are applied. This paper presents on a study of traffic and saving energy encrypted search. The network traffic also significantly reduced during file retrieval. Keywords— Mobile Cloud Storage, traffic efficiency, energy efficiency, searchable data encryption.