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Semi-Cryptographic Approach To Implement Security & Optimal Performance In Cloud Computing

Security concerns arise in cloud computing due to outsourcing data to a third-party administrative control. The data compromise may occur due to attacks by other users and nodes within the cloud. Therefore, high security measures are required to protect data within the cloud. However, the employed security strategy must also take into account the optimization of the data retrieval time. In this paper, we propose Division and Replication of Data in the Cloud for Optimal Performance and Security that collectively approaches the security and performance issues. In the division and replication methodology, we divide a file into fragments, after division the fragments are encoded and replicate the fragmented data over the cloud nodes. Each of the nodes stores only a single fragment of a particular data file that ensures that even in case of a successful attack, no meaningful information is revealed to the attacker. Furthermore, the division and replication methodology rely on the semi cryptographic techniques for the data security. Keywords— Centrality, cloud security, fragmentation, replication, performance.