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Secure Storage And Eliminate Duplicate Content In Cloud With Enhanced Reliability

Information deduplication is a strategy for taking out copy duplicates of information, and has been broadly utilized as a part of distributed storage to diminish storage room and transfer data transfer capacity. Notwithstanding, there is stand out duplicate for every record put away in cloud regardless of the possibility that such a document is possessed by an enormous number of clients. Accordingly, deduplication framework enhances stockpiling use while lessening unwavering quality. Besides, the test of security for delicate information additionally emerges when they are outsourced by clients to cloud. Planning to address the above security challenges, this paper makes the main endeavor to formalize the thought of circulated solid deduplication framework. We propose new conveyed deduplication frameworks with higher unwavering quality in which the information lumps are dispersed over numerous cloud servers. The security prerequisites of information classification and label consistency are likewise accomplished by presenting a deterministic mystery sharing plan in conveyed stockpiling frameworks, rather than utilizing joined encryption as a part of past deduplication frameworks. Security investigation exhibits that our deduplication frameworks are secure regarding the definitions indicated in the proposed security model. As a proof of idea, we execute the proposed frameworks and show that the caused overhead is exceptionally constrained in practical situations. Keywords – Deduplication, distributed storage system, reliability, secret sharing