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A Survey On Secure And Energy Efficient VM Migration In Cloud

Cloud computing is an emerging technology which provides the services. The service is offered based on the payment done by the users. In cloud computing the computing resources are offered through virtual machines on demand. Cloud computing is used by many users for their requirement. In order to meet the requirements of all the users, the number of virtual machines in the cloud have to be increased. This leads to high amount of power consumption which leads to power wastage, global warming etc. The power consumption by the data centers can be reduced by VM consolidation. VM consolidation can be done using VM migration. While migrating VM from one host to another, there has to be security provided for the VM to reduce the attacks which occur in data plane, control plane and migration module. This results in maximum security to the virtual machine and the power consumed by the data center will also be less. Keywords— VM migration, VM consolidation, pre copy, post copy