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A Novel Framework For Authorized Deduplication In Public And Private Clouds

In this paper, the redundant data which will be stored on the cloud will be avoided. If the same copy of data is stored twice we call it as reduplication. In order to save the storage space on the cloud we should avoid reduplication by using deduplication technique. Deduplication is done on the data where we call it as data deduplication. There are many techniques present to eliminate duplicate copies of repeating data where the data is compressed so it is a data compresion technique. The data which should be stored on the cloud may be sensitive data so it is confidential and we should protect that data by supporting deduplication. For this purpose convergent encryption technique has been used. Before storing the data, the data should be encrypted so we use convergent encryption technique. Beside considering the data itself, the differential privileges of users are further considered in duplicate check. In terms of the specified definition in the proposed security model. Keywords— Deduplication; private and public cloud; reduplication; convergent encryption.