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Blind Guide-An Outdoor Navigation Application For Visually Impaired People

Blind Guide is a breakthrough technology in navigational and rehabilitative aids for the blind and visually impaired. It is designed to communicate physical location and object location using voice-based guide for users in order to have easy mobilization. Ordinary route navigational systems in the outdoor environment are expensive and its manufacturing is time consuming. Blind people are at extensive drawbacks as they regularly do not have the data which is required, while passing obstacles and dangers. They generally have little information about data such as landmarks and self velocity information. This blind Guide work goes for giving the route to blind persons, by designing a cost-effective and more flexible navigation system. This allows them to move independently without any manual help or guidance. There are a few advanced technologies which are now accessible in the market to cater the needs yet they have their own particular drawbacks, thus one of the efficient solutions is to use embedded system. Blind Guide will be a powerful tool and it is very helpful for visually impaired, in achieving fully independent navigation for those with vision loss and blindness to move freely, safely, and independently. Keywords— Physical Location, Object Location, Navigation, Voice-Based Guide, Cost-Effective.