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A Framework For Self Image Reconstruction

To protect an image against tampering we are designing a watermark algorithm, it should fulfil two purposes, one is to detect the tampered area of received image and another is to recover the lost information in that tampered area. To achieve this task we are making use of state of art technique using watermarks consist of check bits are used to detect the tamper and reference bits carry information of whole image. This paper is aimed at showing that the tampering location known, image tampering can be modelled and dealt with as an erasure error. To protect the reference bits against tampering, an appropriate channel code is designed. Total watermark bit budget is classified into three groups. They are source encoder output bits, channel code parity bits and check bits. At watermark embedding phase original image of data is compressed and output bit stream is protected using proper channel encoder. For image recovery, the lost information location is detected by check bits. This check bits helps for removal of error and decode to get the original source encoded image. So this result aimed at showing the watermarked image and the recovered image. Keywords— Image watermarking; SPIHT; fragile watermarking; image tampering protection.