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Text Categorization: By Combining Naïve Bayes And Modified Maximum Entropy Classifiers

A lattice is a geometric object that is pictorially described as a set of intersection points of an n-dimensional grid that is infinite .Lattices are geometric objects which are pictorially described as set of intersection points of an infinite ndimensional grid. Lattice based algorithms have a paralleled structure that makes them faster. They can be easily applied for homomorphic encryption and have high asymptotic. As the number of dimensions increase in lattice, more difficult it becomes to do cryptanalysis. Lattices are assumed to be strong against quantum brute force attacks. Development of lattice reduction algorithm and connection between worst-case and average case in certain lattice problems are the most important breakthroughs which have made application of lattice for encryption feasible. Keywords— HDMA Camera, VLSI Kit, NTRU, GGS, Quantum brute force attack.