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Security Challenges In IOT Applications In Health Care Domain

Nowadays, smart grid, smart homes, smart water networks, well-informed transportation are infrastructure systems that connect our world more than we ever considered possible. The usual vision of systems are usually associated with one single concept, i.e. the internet of things (IoT), where continuing the use of sensors, the entire physical infrastructures are closely linked with information and communication technologies. IoT Security is the most vital component in information security since it is responsible for securing all information passed through network computer. IoT security consists of the provisions made in an underlying computer network infrastructure, policies are adopted by the network administrator to protect the IoT network and the IoT network-accessible resources from rejection and unauthorized access and consistent and continuous observation and measurement of its effectiveness combined together. The purpose of the IoT security is essential to prevent data loss, through misuse of data. There are a number of possible regresses that may arise if IoT network security is not implemented properly. Adequate authentication and authorization are required to make our Authentication and Authorization Better. Keywords— Growth of the IoT, Internet of Things, security, confidentiality, destruction, manipulation, threats, attacks, challenges, authentication, authorization, hacking, leakage, prevention, techniques, cyber-attacks.