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Data Acquisition & Control of Mutipuleoverhead Travelling Cranesusing Wireless Sensor Network Based on Arm

Design of Data Acquisition and Control of Multiple Overhead Travelling Cranes Using Wireless Sensor Network Based on ARM is proposed. This system is highly efficient for real time data acquisition and control of Multiple Overhead Travelling Crane using Wireless Sensor Network Remote based on ARM. Themultiple Overhead Travelling Cranes can be controlled at same time by using wireless network consisting Zigbee module and GSM module. System is used as an embedded server with all data back up in MMC Card. Wireless Network consisting various switches for multiple cranes used for various movements of cranes like forward-reverse movement, left-right movement, up-down movement. When any switch is pressed from the remote location, the signals can be transmitted and received by Zigbee using ARM Processor the command are process and accordinglycrane motor is activates and changes the movement to the crane.With the help of GSM Network Immediate notification is given to the head Crane Controller and Crane can be controlled. Index Terms— ARM-TDMI, GSM, MEMORY CARD,ZIGBEE, MULTIPLE OVERHAED CRANE.