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Results Onannotating Document Using Content and Querying Value Based on Attributes Suggestion Strategy

Document Annotation means these are comments. Annotations are metadata, it give additional information about data. In olden days Form based query interfaces are used for accessing the databases but it has some limitations in the design of a forms-based interface and also they are capable of expressing only limited number of queries. In order to overcome the difficulty most of the high level organizations use the textual descriptions of their product and services. The Textual Descriptions consists of significant amount of structured information. So we use Annotations. If the documents are properly annotated we can increase the quality of searching to some extent. Here we introduce Collaborative Adaptive Data Sharing platform (CADS), which is an “annotate-as-you create” infrastructure that facilitates fielded data annotation. Its main goal is that it reduces the cost of creating annotations and also it is accessible by larger number of queries. Keywords- Document Annotations, Query workload, Content value, Collaborative Adaptive Data Sharing (CADS).