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Android Based Network Monitoring and Administration Using Wi-Fi, GPRS

Mobile devices are becoming essential for today's life. In developed countries, about half of the people have a Smartphone, resulting in millions of these electronic devices. Android is the most popular operating system for Smartphones and other electronic devices such as tablets. Hence, for network administrators, it is essential to start managing all the Android based devices. Network is formed by the collection or group of computers. While in office is an easy task to manage and control the activities of the network. A remote LAN (Local Area Network) network can be controlled by a user from anywhere using a mobile based application (running on ANDROID operating system). The necessity of such a system arises when the user in unavailable at the actual site of the network. In such a case, to monitor and control the various activities of the network, a wireless and user friendly interface needs to be created through which the user can execute different commands to control the various activities of the network by using Wi-Fi, GPRS. Keywords— Android, remote LAN, Wi-Fi, GPRS.