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Reducing Over Segmentation Using Marker Based Method

Image segmentation is a process in which the objects of interests are preferred and alienated from the entirety image to analyze and mine the essential data. It is one of the image processing methods, which is extensively open for research. In medical field, where images play a vital role in analyzing patient’s medical records and doctors are only interested in certain parts of the image, Image Segmentation plays a crucial role. In recent years many algorithms have been proposed to improve the eminence of segmentation and the finest one is yet to devise. Watershed algorithm is one such reliable approach where the homogeneous regions in an image are segmented. It is superior to region growing method in terms of number of regions obtained after processing. In this paper we have addressed the over segmentation problem which was caused by using watershed transform replacing with marker based method to reduce over-segmentation. Keywords- Image Segmentation, Watershed Segmentation, Marker Based Method