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Four Quadrant Operation For ITER Pf Ac/Dc Converter Using Fuzzy Logic Control System

This paper describes new concepts of four quadrant converter systems for the international fusion tokamak device (ITER). The ITER Poloidal Field (PF) parameter scheme is about 55kA and 1.05kV for plasma initiation and plasma position control which was used to deliver controlled DC voltage and current to ITER superconductive magnets. Subsequently, it was essential to be able to control dynamically the position of the plasma. A fuzzy-logicestablished controller was designed and realized for this purpose. This controller was designed in ITER PF Converter System during normal operation, analysis, control and was found to provide reliability, high quality and fast dynamic response. A control strategy was proposed and simulation results were tested in MATLAB/Simulink. Key words- fuzzy logic,parallel mode, circulating mode, four quadrant operation, ITER PF, Matlab/ Simulink