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Copyright Protection Mechanism to Online- Sharing of Network Information Resource

This paper is to explore the effective mechanisms to balance the “sharing online” and the “copyright protection” of network information resource in the digital environment. The paper is through analyzing the advantage and disadvantage of the system about fair use, statutory license, collective management of copyright and creative common, as well as through examining the successful copyright solution to online-sharing of network information resource in China. The paper concludes that Creative commons plus quantization compensation mechanism would be a relatively good solution to copyright issues in the current situation, while collective management should be enhanced. The exploration of copyright mechanisms could raise law and policy debates, in order to realize network information resource sharing and facilitate information communication in the digital age. The paper describes the possible legal room and the new mechanism of copyright protection—quantization compensation mechanism, while giving the adaptive suggestions. The suggestion can help modify the copyright laws and the policies as further step. Keywords- Copyright Protection, Network Information Resource, Online- Sharing, Digital environment, Creative Commons, Quantization Compensation Mechanism.