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Design of Framework For Agriculture Web Service

Agriculture is a backbone of India but Information Technology is not used much in agriculture. It is used in various fields like education, business, Medicine, Weather forecasting systems, Communications etc., but not used vastly in Agriculture sector which is main livelihood for majority of people in rural areas and which also drives economy in developing countries like India, China ,Brazil etc., and also over 50% of economy is contributed by Agriculture sector in these countries. Most of the people living in rural areas will depends on agriculture does not have facilities or cost may be very high to technology to Agriculture sector to yield good results. In this paper I proposed a design framework for Agriculture using Internet of things, Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and Big data processing which provides assistance to the farmers in analyzing crop diseases, getting required suggestions, every aspect of crop and finding appropriate fertilizers during cultivation at minimum cost from experts in a easily understandable natural language which definitely transform traditional agriculture into modern or smart agriculture. Keywords— Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IOT, Big data, Agri-Data capturing layer, Agri-Data Processing Layer, Agri-Data Storage Layer, Hadoop.