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Computer Laboratory Management With Mobile Application (CLMMA)

The purpose of the developed system entitled “Computer Laboratory Management System with Mobile Application” is to ease the managing and monitoring of Computer Laboratories and also to facilitate the laboratory on having their lecture classes in Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippines, specifically the Saint Benedict Hall Building. This study made a high impact on the non-faculty and faculty members under College of Computer Studies with the use of our System by evaluating our program using the ISO 9126 Model. The purpose of this study is to develop a LAN-Based remote control system that can monitor the activities of the terminals on every computer laboratory. Furthermore, to have a power control feature that can shutdown, log off, restart the terminals and to have a file transfer feature for the files and documents that automatically save on the computer. To have screen casting feature for lecture discussion through power points and other class purposes; and also to have an Android Mobile Application with power control feature with just one touch away on your smart phone. The developed system offers a high flexibility and functionality that will help the user to ease the managing of computer laboratory. The developed system was technically evaluated by the respondents including the I.T. Experts using ISO/IEC 9126 model. It has a set of software quality characteristics such as functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability and portability with the overall score of 4.5 with the remarks of “Very Acceptable”. The developed system will be elevating through additional features, recommended to provide more functions that will improve the system and continuously help the beneficiaries. Index Terms- Computer, Laboratory, Mobile