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Improvising the Quality of ARPT Using Grefenstette Method

Adaptive and Random Partition Testing (ARPT) is a software testing strategy that is effective in defect detection. Its simplicity in defect detection makes it efficient with respect to time. Any testing strategy has to be initialized with the parameters like length of the testing segment, and when to change the testing strategy before the testing commences. These parameters do not get any values/inputs from the tester manually. These parameters have to be declared with the testing itself. Analyzing the ARPT by sensitivity analysis states that, effectiveness of ARPT can be increased by optimizing the parameters. Optimization of parameters helps to improve overall quality of ARPT detecting the maximum number of defects with optimal count of test cases. In this paper, limitation of ARPT is solved by using grefenstette method. Index Terms— Adaptive and Random Partition Testing, grefenstette method, sensitivity analysis, software testing.