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Comparative Analysis of Reduction of Side Lobe Level For Concentric Elliptical Array and Cylindrical Elliptical Array Using Differential Evolution

This Paper describes optimal side lobe level of an elliptical cylindrical array for uniform excited isotropic antennas and non-uniform excited isotropic antennas when compared to concentric elliptical array using differential evolution optimization. Differential evolution (DE) is a method that optimizes a problem by iteratively trying to improve a candidate solutionwith regard to a given measure of quality. Such methods are commonly known as met heuristics as they make few or no assumptions about the problem being optimized and can search very large spaces of candidate solutions. The differential evolution optimization (DE) is used to determine optimal side lobe level (SLL), by changing the parameters like number of elements in an array, eccentricity, number of rings, and distance between rings. Simulation results show that the thinned Elliptical cylindrical antenna side lobe level is less when compare to concentric elliptical antenna and it is reduced up to -34 db. Index Terms— Concentric Elliptical, Elliptical Cylindrical, Side Lobe Level, Thinned, Pso.