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Implementation of Dynamic Data Payload & Data Packets Transmission Over Network Using D-UDP

The latest trends in technology have specified it most of the applications with audio/video data transmissions send over the Internet prefer to be supplied erroneous than being discarded, or arriving late. An advanced version to D-UDP (Dynamic UDP), known as UDP-Lite was announced decade ago, designed transferring many multimedia applications more efficiently. Its main function is to partition the packet into the two chunks; first this is more delicate to errors and second that is less sensitive. With this mechanism, the transferring application can stipulate that errors are suitable in slice of the accounts payload to lessening the digit of unnecessarily rejected packets. The stretchy check-summing number of N radio blocks arrangements into the protocols licenses error-resilient application policies to be reflected in the networking stack. The goal to this research is to match the behavior of D-UDP and UDP-Lite through transmitting video codecs. The flooding time is good and throughput is higher of D-UDP in contrast with UDP-Lite. By doing this, the probabilities of loss of bits will be reduced. Today number of videos, audios, images files is increasing endlessly on internet. At the time of transmission of these files, sometimes bits are losses by so many explanations and quality of data is abridged. So, this effort advances the worth of data and raises the performance throughout transmission of data by dealing the packets. Keywords - PPP, TCP, UDP-Lite, D-UDP