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Spatial Database Development For Urban and Regional Planning Support System Using GIS and RS

GIS as a micro-level planning tool can be effectively integrated into the decision-making and planning process. With the help of GIS, both spatial and non-spatial data is accessible across all departments. Government departments are in constant need for spatial data for planning and implementation, and the use of geographic data undoubtedly is a vital asset for planning and decision making. To make GIS available in different stages of planning we need to develop the spatial database. In this study spatial database development process has explained. First of all need and different aspects of planning process have been discussed. In this research paper spatial database development and development of spatial maps of has been explained. To develop and design the spatial database and spatial maps ArcGIS 10.2 has been used. To carry out this study Nanded district of Maharashtra state of India has been selected. Keywords- GIS, Urban Planning Process, GIS and Planning Integration, Spatial database development