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Intelligent Home System Design Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless Sensor Networks consists of sensor nodes which include various sensors and simple processor with low power consumption. Sensor Networks can be formed easy and inexpensive without damaging the environment because of not require wired communication infrastructure. They may contact with each other, they can exchange data as well as allows them to collaborate in the realization of complex transactions. Contact allows the sensor to have a low power consumption allows for longer life of the node. It can be programmed after placement of the nodes in the environment provides a great advantage. Wireless sensor nodes are suitable for use in many applications due to the low cost and flexibility. One of these applications is the applications of smart home systems. In this work, a smart home system has been developed that performs monitoring and control in the environment for temperature, humidity, light and sound information’s. Keywords- Intelligent Home System, Wireless Sensor Networks, ZigBee, Sensor Node