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Development of the Control System and Autopilot of a Hexarotor Aerial Vehicle

Multi-rotor aerial vehicles are used for various military and non-military tasks due to their distinct advantages such as vertical take-off and landing, high payload, simple mechanics and reduced gyroscopic effects. Though remote control systems are the common way to control mini/micro sized multi-rotor aerial vehicles, autonomous flying offer several advantages over the remote control systems. In this study, we investigate the design and development of an autopilot system and its control systems for multi-rotor aerial vehicles, and implement the proposed systems on a prototype hexarotor aerial vehicle. The design of the proposed autopilot system, hexapilot, is explained in two aspects: hardware components and software components. The system has been tested in lab environment and field tests at the university campus are in progress. Index Terms—Hexarotor, Control system, Autopilot, Performance evaluations.