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A Novel Crossbreed Approach for Regression Test Suite Minimization

Software testing is a key phase in Software Engineering to confirm the quality of the software. One of the critical challenges in software engineering field is downsizing the effort of software testing. To reduce the effort of testing the to be executed test suite needs to be minimized and that should also satisfy the requirements of the software as the original test suites does. Regression testing is one of the major segments in software testing and also needs to be executed often whenever changes made to the existing system. This paper presents a novel crossbreed approach Gravitation Bee Search (GBS) which is the combination of Gravitational search algorithm and Artificial Bee colony algorithm. The proposed method is applied on an existing Retirement benefit calculation regression test suite and the results shows that this proposed system is approximately 15% more efficient than the original test suite respective to number of test cases, execution time. Index Terms - Software Testing, Test suite minimization, Regression testing, Gravitational Bee search.