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Literature Survey on Interference Management Techniques in Femtocells

In the wireless system getting the transmitter and receiver near to each other with efficiently increase in capacity and data rates. Therefore, the wireless networks are more popular than the traditional wired services. In the wireless networks, to cover cells the low power nodes such as macrocells, picocells, femtocells base stations (BSs) deployed to improve the indoor coverage. The femtocell base station reduces the infrastructure, maintenance and operational cost of operator, at same time increases the area spectral efficiency. At the time of femtocell deployment, the femtocell base station deal with number of technical challenges, among those all the interference management is much more important. In femtocell network, the interference caused to one femtocell by other femtocell. To deal with interference management challenge number of researchers have suggested different types of solutions. Furthermore, the nature inspired metaheuristic algorithm have also been discussed in this survey paper.This paper summaries the main challenges of interference management is discussed in detail with various solutions proposed to manage interference. The research direction of femtocells have also provided. Keyword: Femtocell, Heterogeneous Networks, Interference Management