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A Symmetric Key Broadcast Encryption (ASKBE) for Transfereing data Over Dynamic Group Members

At the present time Security is a prehistoric dispute for any Shared information over group members or any networks in this bond Encryption is used in a message scheme to make safe data in the transmitted messages from anyone other than the well-intended receiver.To provide security to communication in a network we must use encryption and decryption so the sender will encrypt the data and the receiver will decrypt the data. Broadcast encryption(BE) is the procedure of distribute encrypted data from end to end a protected channel, projected for several users, in which only the confidential users can decrypt the content. In a broadcasting encryption (BE) all the intentional receiver are required to be provide somewhere to stay in an organized way, which is possible through an efficient key management scheme. An idyllic BE scheme must describe a key management scheme and an encryption scheme. The potential steps in key management are key generation, a perfect revocation scheme, and a re-keying mechanism. This paper illustrate a key generation system using Elliptic Curves. The generated key can be used as a Asymmetric key. The important feature of this Asymmetric key is that the key is constituted by the contribution from all the legitimate users so that the revocation mechanism can be simplified, but at the expense of communication overhead. The proposed method describes two advance to communicate the Asymmetric key to the user or to the groups. Keywords - Broadcast encryption; Group key agreement; Symmetric key broadcast encryption (SKBE).