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Web Mining Techniques in the Area of the Web Presonalization

“Web mining refers to the overall process of discovering potentially useful and previously unknown information or knowledge from the Web data.” With the large amount of information available online, the Web is a fertile area for data mining and knowledge discovery. Data mining has become so many key features for detecting fraud, assessing risk, and product retailing, In Web mining, data can be collected at the server-side, client-side, proxy servers, or obtained from an organization's consolidated web data. web mining can be categorized into three areas Web Content Mining, Web Structure Mining and Web Usage Mining. Web mining is the application of data mining techniques to extract knowledge from web data, where at least one of structure (hyperlink) or usage (web log) data is used in the mining process (with or without other types of web data) Index terms - Web usage mining, Data mining, Web mining techniques, Personalization mechanism.