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Development and Evaluation of Online Requisition System for Tarlac College of Agriculture

Tarlac College of Agriculture is a college having a 70.5-hectare campus land area. The college has its different offices in distant locations. These offices are connected via internet connection. There are 5 offices that are related to this study and All of these offices provide different services to employees and clientele. Since the offices of the college are distantly located, proper monitoring of devices and requests, generation of reports and to provide the easier way of requesting services are the reasons on developing an online requisition system for the college, the study will use Agile Development this makes the phases of developing the system faster considering the time constraints. The system is evaluated by the End-users and IT-experts, the End- users evaluation reflected that the system acceptable having a grand mean of 4.48 while the IT-Experts had seen that the system is acceptable with a grand mean of 4.25 therefore the system had been accepted since the functionality and construction of the system is acceptable reflected on the End-user and IT-experts evaluation. Keywords- Requisition, On-line Requisition, Online Requisition.