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Emerging Trends of E-Learning in India

In today's Information and Communication Technology era e-learning plays a vital role in development of an individual and thus future of a nation. Conventional learning is teacher centric and it is very tough to teach same subject in the best quality possible everytime. Also in conventional learning it is not possible for a good teacher to teach at multiple locations in a single instant. But e-learning neutralizes this drawback of conventional learning and becomes a very powerful weapon for the intellectual growth of the individual and helps in producing intellectual society. Conventional learning has many other drawbacks apart from repetitiveness like high cost, limited to classroom, fixed time learning, fixed concept learning etc., which can be overcome by latest e-learning trends. India is a first largest democratic country in the entire world and main strength of the country is its people with democracy. In such countries e-learning is a boon and plays a critical role for producing intellectual think tanks that can be used by entire world for uniform development of all countries on earth and can be competitive answer for other nation intellectual societies. In this work more focus has been given on introducing the new methodologies used for e-learning, priorities of each methodology for easy e-learning and upcoming technological trends in the field of e-learning like Mobile learning, Micro learning, Beacon learning, Internet of Things(IoT), Cloud based e-learning, Gamification and many more. Keywords - Information, Communication, Technology, e-learning, Development, Conventional, Learning, Teacher, Neutralize, Intellectual, Society, Trends, classroom, think tanks, Mobile learning, Micro learning, IoT, Beacon, Cloud, Gamification, Student, Correspondence, Online, Education, Smart Phone.