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Smart Solar Tree Lightning

Now days with the developing population and energy demand we should to take a renewable alternative of energy source furthermore we ought to remember that energy should not bring about pollution and natural hazards. In this case the solar energy is the best alternative for any nation that needs to build "Smart Cities". Regardless of the possibility that it is an exceedingly populated nation, we should take the advantage of such an energy which requires a less area to deliver energy efficiently. For this situation solar tree could be the best option for the nation planning to build 'Smart Cities'. We can likewise utilize the procedure called spiraling phyllataxy to enhance the proficiency of the plant. "Smart Solar tree" sounds like the ideal answer for our future energy needs. The sun is constantly sending energy to the earth and we should simply to catch it and after that utilize it. Not at all like current energy sources , we are not going to come up short on daylight at any point in the near future ,it wouldn't add to a global warming, and it is accessible all around. A solar tree is nothing but an artificial tree with photo-voltaic cells arranged in Fibonacci series manner in place of leaves. The amount of energy produced by this tree is more than that of normal flat array of solar cells. It is much improved than the traditional solar PV framework in area point of view and also more efficient. So this will be a decent alternative and should be implemented. The sun is a hydrodynamic spherical body of extremely hot ionized gasses (plasma), creating energy by the process of thermonuclear fusion. However the primary issue associated with tapping solar energy is the requirement to install large solar collectors requires a huge area. To avoid from this issue we can install a solar tree in the minimum space required. Keywords – Solar Energy, Smart Cities, Smart Solar Tree, Area, Population, Pollution